Dispatch/911 Center

Communications CenterBayside Communications Center
The Bayside Communications Center provides dispatch services for Bayside, Brown Deer, Fox Point, Glendale, River Hills, the North Shore Fire Department, Shorewood, and Whitefish Bay.

The Bayside Communications Center consolidated the two North Shore dispatch centers into one, located in Bayside, and services the seven North Shore communities for police and fire dispatch services.

Consolidated Dispatch

What does consolidated dispatch mean for Bayside, Brown Deer, Fox Point, River Hills, Glendale, Shorewood & Whitefish Bay?
  • Service Level Improvements
    • Reduction or elimination of 911 call transfers
    • Reduced response times
    • Reduction of possible human / technology errors
    • Quicker call processing times, resulting in faster on-scene times for emergency personnel
    • Standardized training, management, and enhanced communications
  • Cost Savings
    • Elimination of redundant and expensive technology
  • Technological Advancements
    • Ability to effectively and efficiently handle increase in cellular based 911 calls
    • Implementation of Next Generation 911 (text-messaging, On-Star, etc)
Consolidating dispatch centers will not only allow for improved services, but it helps each community involved realize a substantial cost savings.