Name That Plow Contest

The Spring into Summer Event was a huge success! During this event, residents were able to paint the Village snow plows. Residents will now have the opportunity to name the plows. Having colorful plows with unique names will help to brighten up our Wisconsin winters.

So here's what to do:
  1. Fill in names for each of the plows using this link.
  2. The top names for each plow will then be chosen.
  3. A new survey will be created for residents to vote for their favorite of the top selected names for each plow.
  4. The 5 winners will be announced at Fright Night on October 31. Winners can have their picture taken with the plow and paint their name on the back of the plow.
Submit your names!

Plow #1

plow 2.JPG

Plow #2


Plow #3


Plow #4

photo 4.JPG

Plow #5