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Sep 02

The latest count on permits...

Posted to 2015 Municipal Water Project by Andy Pederson

88 properties need to take out a well operation permit or permit to abandon the well.  

53  properties  turned in a permit application, but still need to turn in their well affidavit and/or safe water test results.

There are also 37 properties that the building inspector needs to have homes schedule a final inspection and 9 are in process.  

For status, please either visit the Village web site or call 414-351-8811, ext. 1.  

Oct 04

Street Repaving Schedule Update

Posted to 2017 Street Resurfacing and Stormwater Project by Jake Meshke

The 2017 road resurfacing project is winding down. At this point, Greenvale, Greenvale Court, and Fielding have received their final surface coat and the asphalt driveway aprons have been repaved as well. The coming schedule is as follows:

  • 10/03
    • Prepare King Road driveways for new asphalt aprons
    • Grade King Road in preparation or paving
  • 10/04
    • Lay final asphalt course on Seneca Road and Seneca driveway approaches
  • 10/05
    • Install initial layer of asphalt on King Road
  • 10/06
    • Lay final asphalt course on King Road and King driveway approaches
  • 10/13
    • Place shoulder (traffic bond) and edge of pavement on Seneca, King, Greenvale, Greenvale Court, and Fielding
  • Week of 10/16
    • Landscape restoration
    • Patch work on various Village roads