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1. When is garbage and recycling collected?
2. My garbage or recycling was not picked up on the scheduled day, who should I call?
3. What do I do with my household hazardous waste (HHW)?
4. When can I rake leaves to the side of the road?
5. How do I get my branches or brush picked up?
6. What items will not be picked up and what do I do with them?
7. How and where do I get a rain barrel?
8. One of my trees is dead/dying. I believe it is located in the Village right-of-way, what should I do?
9. My neighbor has a dead tree, who should I contact?
10. My neighbor's tree is growing into my yard and I would like to trim it - can I?
11. What is a private lateral?
12. I have water coming up through my floor drain in the basement, what should I do?
13. I smell sewer gas coming from my floor drain.
14. How can I avoid basement backups during a heavy rain event?
15. My driveway culvert is damaged/heaved, what should I do?
16. My neighbor's downspouts drain directly into my yard, is this legal?
17. What can I do to improve stormwater on my property?